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Welcome to Brenneisen family's web site!

We are happy to have you here on our web site.

The focus of these pages is on travelling and travel reports. Our preferred destination is the western US, with a travel style so far mainly by RV.

Most of the travel reports were written live on tour, so they give a good overview of the daily holiday "routine".

The following trips we want to share with you:

USA West 2002 6 ½ weeks in an RV with three little children travelling through western US. The "classic" National Parks, but many highlights off the beaten track (German only)
Alaska & Yukon 2007 3 weeks on the classic "eight" through Alaska und Canadas Yukon – great first impressions of the Northern landscape (German only)
Utah & Yellowstone 2009 3 weeks, planned for the Canadian Rockies. However, however weather forecast changed the plans (German only)
USA Southwest 2010 3 ½ weeks focussing on Arizona and New Mexiko. Grand Canyon, Red Rock Country, White Sands and the vast deserts of New Mexikos, but also finding surprisingly green spots in the heart of Arizona (German only)
Alaska 2011 3 ½ weeks with RV and truck through Alaska, all within driving distance but sometimes a bit farther off the beaten track
USA Southwest 2013 A short trip wothout family - experiences in the desert. Alone in a tent venturing through Death Valley, Valley of Fire and Arizona Strip.
USA West 2014 4 ½ weeks, 5 People, one RV. Trip through the Western US with focus points on Mount Rushmore area, Yellowstone and Yosemite National Parks and the Californian coast.

This site is made primarily for our kids, so they might have a better remembrance later on the trips they did while they were still small - well, they are not so small anymore... And of course for our relatives, so they can be part of our adventures and be sure, that we are fine while away "so far and so long".

We would be happy, if the reports and fotos would be of some interest to other readers as well - be it to generate interest for the areas we visitied, to take away possible fears or maybe just to get some inspiration for an own comparable trip.

Questions, feedback and criticism are welcome. Please drop us a message using the contact form.

Happy Readings!

Brenneisen family